Guap Party 3 presented by Guap Magazine

Last week, we headed down to the 3rd event hosted by GUAP Magazine (@guapmag), aptly titled ‘GUAP Part 3’. The event boasted an impressive line-up of unsigned UK talent ranging from smooth, R ‘n’ B singers to gritty, rap MCs. It was a sold out night and a great display of the array of talent just waiting to breakthrough in the UK, with many of the artists already looking like natural born performers. The night also included some great DJ sets, including DJ of the moment, Kenny Allstar, keeping the energy high throughout the night. Events like these are exactly what the UK scene needs and we hope for more in near future.

Performance of the night – Knucks 


Our performer of the night was north-west rapper @knucks_music ,whose smooth, effortless rhymes caught the attention of many and was a shining light amongst the strong array of talent on show.

It was clear the rapper has built a fan base with screams welcoming him to the stage and a good number of the crowd reciting his lyrics word for word. Performing his tracks ‘Turnover’, ’21 Candles’, ‘Big Kahuna Freestyle’ and ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, Knucks looked very comfortable on stage and maintained his very cool, nonchalant aesthetic that he has shown in the music videos for each of these songs. What is even more impressive is that he also produces his own tracks, and each of them display his ear for music, with the use of a range of instrumentation and sampling in his songs.

Knucks is definitely one to watch for 2017, and we at The Part Timers can’t wait to hear what’s next from the young rapper.


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Pictures by PTer Arron @DP_Blanc


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