On The Move: York

Since picking up photography, my travels have picked up purpose. With my camera always on my shoulder, the world now looks a different place as buildings and lights now form differently through my eyes then to through the lens. Take a look at my collection of pictures that hopefully give you an insight to all the places the world takes me.


York is surrounded by the city walls which date back to when the Roman’s occupied the city. Trekking the 2.1 mile long walls is one the best ways to sample the city. That’s the York Minster in the centre of the image.


European cities are normally historically defined by either war or religion, or both. York is no different with Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of Saint Peter in York (official name of the York Minster) sitting in the centre of England’s old Roman capital.


York has said to of had a Christian presence since the 4th century, the original church built on the land here dates back to 627. Fit for purpose but nowhere near and magnificent as the structure in place today.IMG_4490

The Shambles, is easily one of the most unique streets I’ve seen world over. Dating back to the 14th century, the overhanging timber-framed buildings look like they’re touching from certain angles, creating such an iconic scene.


The river Ouse runs through the city, giving it a picturesque landscape. Along the river bank you can find loads of microbreweries, where you can sit in and enjoy a drink. Time your trip right though as the river banks are known to flood at some occasions during the year, with levels reaching up to 6 foot 😮

Tourists travel far and wide to visit York, you don’t have to travel abroad to enjoy a great European getaway.




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