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In this drop of our sporting round up we take at Wayne Rooney upon reaching a record breaking 250 goals for Man Utd and the effect of China’s bargaining power is having across the European leagues.

Wayne Rooney reaching the record of 250 goals

Some say he would not reach his full potential, some say he’s not a natural striker but for someone which has dealt with a lot of speculation and has been doubted throughout his career but he has proven majority of his doubters wrong with becoming Manchester United all-time Goal scorer. For player to have played majority of his career in either a false 9 position or playing behind a striker to have scored 250 goals in 542 appearances is quiet astonishing. Scoring nearly on average a goal every two games is very difficult for many modern strikers which are not in the world class category already but to have averaged it throughout his time at one club has shown him to score on average 19/20 goals a season for United.
Breaking Sir Bobby Charlton 40-year record has be applauded by many greats like former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson “I would like to say huge congratulations to Wayne on reaching this milestone. It is no mean feat to score so many goals and he breaks a record that has stood for over 40 years. Wayne thoroughly deserves his place in the history books of this great club and I am sure that he will go on to score many more goals.”

China’s money new effect on European leagues


Money has always had a huge factor in football and of late a lot of European giants have been feeling the heat from the money that is being pumped into the Chinese premier league teams. With offers of quadrupling players current wages has seen the very best of the premier league teams feel uneasy at keeping their talented players within the league. Chelsea for example have shipped off Oscar for 60m and for a player which was rarely getting game time for the club but to go for such a hefty price shows the power Chinese clubs hold in current football nowadays.
On the other hand the superstar’s moves will affect the level of football in the Chinese super league as it will improve and allow the growth for the younger home-grown players to train and develop alongside the talent of the so called “big names”. Exposing the home-grown players to train with the superstars will have a positive effect on the Chinese national team and they could potentially show a challenging rise to dominance in Asia. The long term effect this will have on the top leagues around the world will show over time, but it is something that could damage up and coming youth talent internationally as money can be a major factor on where development at a young age happens.

For those who have not been aware of the effect it is having on current football watch the lienk below:

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