Part-Timers Spotlight: Chev Townsend

We caught up with the boxing sensation, Chev Townsend (@C4Chev) as he was preparing for a GB camp. We chatted about him, his ambitions and of course his part-time hustle!


Chev Townsend is a 24-year-old boxer who was born in Jamaica but resides in Gravesend Kent. In his short career he’s racked up various titles which include; the ABA elite title at 91kg, Novice under 10 title, Novice under 20 title, GB championship, English belt and three national bronze medals. Furthermore, in 2014 he represented Jamaica in the commonwealth games. He’s on the up and defiantly making waves within the boxing world.

In 2008 he started his journey as a boxer showing great interest in the sport from an early age. A while ago we sat down with Chev so he could tell us his story and give us some insight into the boxing world. It was no joke; he took us through his rigorous training regime. His workouts consisted of strength, endurance and speed training. It truly showed his dedication and his love for the sport.

When he first started boxing around 2008, leading up to one of his fights he had an operation to have his appendix removed, he actually died on the table during the procedure luckily the doctors brought him back to life. Just one year after this incident he went on to win the Novice ABAs under 10s in 2009 and the Novice under 20s in 2010.

In 2014 whilst representing Jamaica in the commonwealth games. He lost a fight, after the fight this was his response I lost, I was disappointed and boxing’s not a game – you don’t play boxing”. This led to him taking time out to reflect. His comeback fight was against a GB elite boxer which resulted in a win and then continued on to win the National Elite ABAs.

He believes he can do anything and this mind-set is key to his success. There’s something he said that resonated out to all of us “Smile through the bad parts”. We are expecting big things from this rising athlete, the progression over the last couple years have been a pleasure to witness. With the dedication, motivation, passion and drive he has for the sport we at Parttimers are expecting big things from Chev and also wish him the best of luck.

Music that normally motivates him before a fight: Upbeat hip hop/trap and a lot of Future! He always listens to Reggae, Dancehall, anything that puts him in a good mood and sends a good message.

Part Time hustle: Sometimes after school he runs a fitness class for Mums free of charge, “it’s motivating to see mums do so much for their kids and then take time out to come to a session”. He went on to explain that seeing them inspires him.

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