The Part-Timer Top Anime Fight Scenes – Naruto

No countdown to the best scene here, each fight selected has its own qualities that makes it as appealing as the next. With the in-depth and complex story-lines, anime grabbed my attention from a young age! but nothing caught my imagination like the jaw shattering, intricate, gravity defying powers and fight scenes that accompanied each series. With that being said, here some of my top fight scenes I have seen in my years of watching.

In this scene we see the return of rock lee after Gaara crushed his arm and leg in the second stage of the chunin exams. He comes back better than ever introducing his drunken fist boxing. There not much more to say just sit back and enjoy the powerful comedic and fluent drunken boxing.

We would love to hear your opinions on the scene and any other series/films you can recommend!


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