LDNRBS: Art Breeds Creativity – Shades Live Show

ldnThis is one I’ve been waiting WEEKS for and it didn’t disappoint. @LDNRBS have done what they obviously do best and provided a showcase of quality artists and a buzzing atmosphere from start to finish. The sold-out event line-up, reflective of the collaborative mixtape, released by them of the same title as the event, presented a boastful variety of talent giving us a night of vibes from rap to rnb artists hailing from North to South London. If that wasn’t enough the venue was decorated with artwork (@mariademetriou1) from the Shades mixtape visuals to portraits of the teams inspiring artists like Bob Marley and Tupac. Last night’s show at Notting Hill Arts Club started with a short video showing the team in the studio working hard on the project with a voiceover that so passionately shared the goals and visions of LDNRBS. What followed was a consistent stream of artists from the soulful to the dance vibes. Here are my highlights.

Performer(s) of the night

Every single act brought themselves on stage with confidence and had the crowd hooked for their sets. For me though it was the ladies of the night that held it down.

Paige Lihya 


Just a guitar and her smooth voice, Paige stripped back to the soulful bare essentials and showed the crowd her simple and elegant artist persona.

Favourite Track – So Good

Kai Jones kai@josephmaddenjpg // @KaiJonesMusic_

Girls in the grime scene at the moment are doing it BIG and Kai Jones was right up there with her slick flow and rhythmic lyrics. She had the audience entranced and listening to every single word.

Favourite track – Wonder


@ShaesUniverse // officialkush.com

With support from Chance the Rapper to London’s own Stormzy, yet again Shay effortlessly proved why she’s the singer to watch.

Favourite track – her fervent rendition of Bryson Tiller’s ‘Don’t’.

Entertainment Factor

Dej the Ego



Dej was an open and honest performer, bringing his real self to the stage for the very first time. Downing a bottle to calm the nerves definitely worked, and it was endearing to see him give himself to the stage and the audience. If this is how he starts his journey, I can’t wait to see what more is on the way.

All in all, the event was a great success by any measure and a stunning showcase of what the London scene has to offer right now. Safe to say I’m hanging on to the announcement of their next project – Shades Reloaded – and even more than that, the Shades Reloaded Live Show that will follow.

Big love to every single performer on the night and the whole LDNRBS team.

By Payal Joshi

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