Music Podcast: Is kendrick the GOAT?

Is Kendrick the GOAT ? 

Since we came together to do the podcast and a review for DAMN, King Kendrick’s third studio LP has already gone platinum and recently killed a verse on Futures hit song “mask off”. 

It’s safe to say we’re seeing someone special from Kendrick.

Project wise he’s on an extremely good run and after DAMN, the questions were being asked….is he the greatest rapper of all time ? 

Some people were saying it was too soon for that question but if we look at the history of rap, by the third to fourth project the GOAT title is thrown about.

This came about after watching Peter Rosenberg’s video on HOT 97, which took the Internet by storm but he makes a good point, who’s really had a run like this? And we need to start adding new rappers to the list to be honest as we’ve failed to do so in the past 5 years. 

@DNabs1, @Wegz10 and myself @DeeWain33 sat down to have a discussion about this subject and hip hop in general and we had a good debate. 

We came through with strong lines that were said between us which caused a stir. 

Kendrick is a better rapper than Jay Z” – @DNabs1 

We discussed how Kendrick and J Cole could be considered and how we think Big Sean hasn’t really done enough to warrant being in the discussion. We went on to talk about what Kendrick is doing is phenomenal and is he better than Jay Z? 

Furthermore we were anticipating J Hus debut album ‘Common Sense’ and discussed how Steff London can take the music industry by storm. 

Sit back and chill and listen to our podcast asking if Kendrick is the GOAT ? amongst other subjects. We would love to hear your opinions below!


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