Throwback Series – 90s

It’s been a long time … I should’na left you … without some dope fits to …

Okay so I can’t think of the word to use here … AWKWARD !!

Anyway’s, I can only apologise for my lack of posts on the fashion side, life has a funny habit of getting in the way but just like Mr Tiller himself, I’m back and i’m better !!

So I’ve been wanting to do some throwback stuff recently and to kick us off I’ve decided to hit you guys with some 90’s inspired flavaaaa !! And what’s more 90’s that dungarees, Tims and a roll neck sweater? (That’s a rhetorical question, the answer is nothing!!)

Hope you like it guys and watch this space, more throwback themed stuff to come!!

Roll Neck – @Asos

Dungarees – @Boohoo

Boots – @Timberland

Baseball Cap – @UrbanCouture

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