The Part-Time Hustle: Sneaker Enthusiast – Geoffrey Hitch

The Part-Time hustle is a platform set to explore people’s interests/hobbies outside of their 9-5. Just as we share ours, we want to share yours and create a community fuelled by your passions.

As keen sneaker enthusiasts ourselves, we are always interacting with the community and meeting interesting people along the way. Take a look our interview with Geoffrey Hitch as he gives us a insight into his passion and an honest view on the current sneaker community.


Name: Geoffrey Hitch

Full Time Job: work for Stüssy.

Part-Time Hustle: Jason Markk Shoe care technician, I cut Hair and I’m a Graphic Designer.IMG_4971

Have to start by the beginning, when and how did you get into trainers?

The very beginning was around 8 years old, when my Dad bought me my first pair of Jordans which were a pair of Playoff Jordan 12s, developed a passion for it around the age of 15, but I didn’t start collecting till I was around 17 as that’s when I started making my own money to buy Kicks, it all started from the Love I have for Michael Jordan and seeing all my school mates wearing fresh kicks every non school uniform day.

Flicking through your Instagram, can see you have a quite a few in your collection. How many pairs do you own and any clue how much your collection is roughly worth?

Haha, erm last time counted I was on a few hundred, that was around 2015, I think my collection is worth more than what I paid for them, but nowadays i’d say it’s hard to justify a figure as the supply and demand of the game has changed completely.

Following up from that, would you ever sell your collection?

I don’t think so, unless I need a down placement for a mortgage haha, but hopefully I won’t need to resort to selling them and that I’d make enough money over the next few years to justify my next step.

I think I first met you cleaning at a Jason Markk stand Air max day event in 2015, where else has your passion for sneakers taken you?

I must say honestly, it’s taken me a lot further than I have ever anticipated, I have met some great people that share a mutual passion for the culture and for the love of the game, in fact I feel like it’s done more for me than my education has and that’s the truth.

I mean I have been offered amazing opportunities over the years, working with Jason Markk is definitely one of many opportunities that have arisen over the last few years, I have been really proud and honored to work with such a great team, the guys In L.A. are amazing, the the guy’s in the UK are amazing too,  it’s like an extended family that I have never had, always good vibes and I’m finally right where I want to be, it’s taken me a long time to get here and I can say I am Happy!


I can see your collection varies greatly, do you follow the hype or buy what you like?

Excuse the french but fuck the hype, I straight up buy what I like, just cos the game has changed majorly over the last ten years, doesn’t mean I will too, I do it for the culture and the passion I have for kicks, no other reason’s to it, pay homage to Michael Jordan, Tinker Hatfield, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Mark Parker, Kanye West, the list goes on, these guys revolutionised the game to a level that can not be knocked.

Majority of my collection are accompanied by a story, maybe how I got them etc. Any sneakers stories stick out for you?

I haven’t camped out for trainers in a very long time, but the most memorable story

would be camping for the Net/Net Air Yeezy 1, simply because when I joined the que, everyone told me that there’s only 28 pairs, but someone didn’t turn up that’s listed on the list, so they said to me, stick around and we’ll vouch for you if he turns up, that was an amazing feeling that I had never experienced before, so much love and care in that que, the amazing people I met and they stuck to there word, around 2-3am in the morning the guy appeared and tried it, everyone in the que basically called him to fuck off haha.

On the day of release I was the last person to get a pair, I was so excited though I couldn’t get my size on the day, I bought the last pair, size UK13, but I didn’t care, haha, I’m a Uk7 or Uk7.5, so I could fit my foot into them with the shoe filling inside and I walked out the store.

My sensei Daniel Khor, said he would find me a size swap, next thing you know he found me a size swap in a week and I trekked all the way to Ealing Common to get the size swap, I thought it was never going to happen, but when it did I was so excited, I changed out of my Father’s Day Jordan 1 Mids and jumped straight into the Air yeezy’s and I was astonished by how comfortable they were.

Definitely a memorable moment that I’ll never forget, but it also shows how different the scene was compared to now.

What’s your view on the current sneaker community? 

Well to be frank, there is not much of a community left, I use to hate resellers, I still do, but it doesn’t phase me anymore, make your money!

The hype now is the Adidas Yeezy’s and high fashion crossovers or Supreme etc…

And my view on the scene now, it’s simply ruined, haha, there’s not much of a culture to it anymore, as everyone nowadays are Btec resellers, knowing nothing about the knowledge, all they do is follow the hype, everyone dresses the same, only a select few have developed their own style, but it’s not what it use to be at all, hence why my collection is so varied, I stepped out of the new age season a long time ago, just because it’s completely ridiculous and so hard to buy what you like, and never have I ever paid resell on anything, and it’s not about to start now, retail or nothing.

I’ve always been a firm believer of the term “It’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it.”

What would make you give away your most prized pair?

If I could get my girlfriend back I’d give away my whole collection.


Quick Fire Round:

  1. Is it an addiction or passion?  An addictive passion… haha
  2. Adidas or Nike? Blue Ribbon Sports all day.
  3. Deadstock or rock? Deadstock til I Rock!!!
  4. Favourite silhouette? Air Jordan 3
  5. Sneaker you’ve always wanted in your collection? World One Clot AF1 or F&F Kaws AF1

Finally any other part-time interest you have? 

I Rap a little, I skate a little, I cut hair, I’m a graphic designer, I kick ball, I collect collectable accessories like G-Shocks, pins, keyrings, fashion, clothing, streetwear, luxury goods, the list goes on.

Please comment with anymore questions for him or information on some of the sneakers shown. Check out more of his collection on Instagram  & Twitter – @lengjai_dunknow


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