Event Recap: Rep Out Games presented by Forever Wham

Last Saturday (8th July) presented the first glance at Forever Wham’s ‘Rep Out Games 2017’. A competition set up to test mind and body as competitors showed their skills against iron bars in the emerging calisthenics field.


If new to the term…where have you been!? Calisthenics has been a recent wave in modern training, in which individuals perform gravity defying feats with ultimate body control and strength. From gymnastics to ‘prison workouts’, influences have been taken, however, calisthenics now has its own lane of demands and skills. An avenue has since opened up putting individuals against each other in contests reaching international levels.


Forever Wham’s ‘Rep Out Games’ was no different, as a variety of workouts/circuits were set up for athletes to compete against each other individually or as part of a team. Each exercise looked as gruelling as the next as crowds gathered to push each athletes to their limits physically as well as mentally. The atmosphere was vibrant as music pumped, crowds chanted alongside athletes grunts and judges counted each rep ensuring form was kept strict.

Although there will always be winners and losers, it was amazing to see such respect and comradery between everyone involved and it was evident to see why callisthenics has become what it is today. One of the most inspiring event, can’s wait for the next one!


Thank you for Forever Wham inviting us down. Take a look at some of the pictures captured below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Follow @foreverwham @repoutgames for more calisthenics content and events!

Photographs by @dp_blanc


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