The Part-Time Hustle: Talking Food with Haliskitchen

The Part-Time hustle is a platform set to explore people’s interests/hobbies outside of their 9-5. Just as we share ours, we want to share yours and create a community fuelled by your passions.

If your like me…you cook up meals quickly, stick it on a plate and get to eating! This is not the case for everyone as we met up with food blogger Halima Ibrahim aka Haliskitchen. Her dishes caught the attentions of our eyes as well as our stomachs as we talked to her about inspirations and all things food.

Name: Halima Ibrahim

Full Time Job: Inclusion Assistant

Part-Time Hustle: Foodie

image1 (1)

First of all, tell us a little about HalisKitchen?

Where did it all begin and has there always been an interest/passion for cooking? I actually couldn’t even peel a potato prior to 2010! However, from then on I started shadowing my mother-in-law in the kitchen and creating her dishes on my own. Once I mastered that and really enjoyed it, I came up with my own recipes that were approved by family and friends.

I can see your dishes vary greatly. Are you always on the lookout for new recipes/ideas and are your dishes inspired by anything in particular?

The question every day is ‘what shall I cook today?’ obviously we have our family favourites, but yes, I do like to explore with new recipes. Sometimes I will eat out and think I must try and make that at home but with Hali’s twist.


Any secret ingredients you can reveal?

What I like to call ‘Hali’s Jerk chicken’ I make this atleast once a week but I haven’t wrote out a step-by-step recipe as of yet. I might share it or I might jar it up and put it on the shelves in the future, you never know!

As a food blogger and having your dishes regularly on show, has presentation become just as important as taste?

Definitely, I am more aware of the photography and presentation. But I can confirm it tastes just as good as it looks. Not being bias! ha


It’s clear to see your passion for food, has this passion led you to any interesting experiences/meeting new people?

Yes, I have had bloggers meet-ups and attended some restaurant reviews. People of Instagram can connect and enjoy good food together.

Now many of us here are not as skilled in the kitchen, any disaster stories you have personally had while cooking?

Of course! You can’t live most of your day in the kitchen and not have a disaster. I was using a pressure cooker, not very experienced in using one as well. I was trying to open the lid and it just popped off and burnt my arm quite badly. Lesson learnt.


Quick Fire Questions

Cooking or eating? Cooking

Main or Dessert? Main

Special dishes? Hali’s jerk and biryani topped with puff pastry

Favourite restaurant? Novikov

Any guilty pleasures you can’t stay away from? It’s got to be chocolate, it keeps me sane!

Other Part-Time interests? Hijab styling


Social Media Tags Web: currently under construction

Insta: @haliskitchen

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