Social Action Spotlight: UNDRHUNGER Event

All of you that have read my posts know that events and music, film and arts are part time passions, but you might not know I am first and foremost a teacher of Citizenship. A subject close to my heart, which allows me to share my passion and drive to be an active agent in my local community and the wider society with other young minds – and to provoke and inspire them to do the same. Social action helps to bring together individual acts of charity and make them into the foundations of social justice to tackle the issues of our time.

UNDRLNDN, who I’ve previously shared about on the Part-Timers, believe in the importance of this too – and have decided to make their next event an opportunity to raise money, resources and awareness for youth poverty in London. Caroline spoke to me about how she’s planned to support the issue and more about the fundraising event.


Why did you choose to support the issue of youth poverty?

Youth poverty is real and in a city like London where the cost of living is high – young people’s day to day lives can be severely impacted by the lack of resources they may not have access to. Our job is to raise awareness and help young people to get to the resources and organisations that can help. And be friendly, non-judgemental and talk (hopefully!)

Why have you chosen to support Centre Point?

Centrepoint are one of the leading charities in the UK for youth homelessness. They help young people get a job and a home – two key things to break the chain of homelessness. They also have multiple services to help young people in various facets. I chose an experienced charity like Centrepoint because I knew they had the expertise to use the funds we raise in the correct way.

You are sleeping out as homeless for a few nights yourself, how are you feeling about this?

Yeah so its five nights – I am feeling ok – point of action we just need a filmmaker to film it to show it at the event – and need publicity to help promote the event. We’re doing this to get young people involved and get a response.


For the fundraiser event, hosts Jack Matthew (@itsjackmatthew) and Anna-Marie Descartes (@annamariedee), are bringing together the UNDRLNDN family for soulful singer @diamantina spoken word superstar @russeni and group @rhythofmen as well as rap from @rennetheboy and DJ set from @gcdj_

@camillefriendshow and @abondance_ will also be talking about their own experiences in overcoming their personal struggles in relation to being homeless and also in attendance will be Waltham Forest Youth Mayor Jamal Khan (@1jamalkhan).

There will also be a foodbank collection on entry, so any non-perishable, fully packaged foods can be donated upon entry.


Tickets are £10 and £8 from each ticket sold goes straight to Centrepoint.

Further details and ticket link here:

For information on how to get involved contact me or direct message @undrlndn


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