Taliwhoah – “New Wave Order” NWO Review

Taliwhoah (@Taliwhoah) is an RnB artist haling from Tottenham, North London. On the 10th November 2017 she dropped her EP called “New Wave Order” NWO.

I had the privilege of seeing Tali perform and she has an aura about her, when she’s performing she’s a natural and definitely the light in the room. She’s already got hits like “Alright” which is mainly RnB but I can say she’s got her own signature sound. You walk away with this joy and beautiful energy after listening to this song.


Photo credits: Lennon Gregory

Tali dropped dope visuals for her songs “Details” and “Meds” which set up her EP nicely and the EP defiantly delivered. As I stated before she’s got a signature sound, and her vocals blend so well with her production.

If there are three words I’d use to describe this project it’s sexy, rhythmic and honest. She managed to take influences from trap, afro wave and bashment/dancehall but still kept it predominantly RnB. In the midst of this fusion of sound I just thought to myself this is a “Tali song” every time the next song came on and that’s her signature sound.

Sexy and rhythmic because of songs like “Meds” & “Sweetest Escape”. These songs had upbeat instrumentals but when listening to the lyrics, the words give off a different energy than the actually beat, that’s a skill in itself, having a beat that’s uptempo but the message of the lyrics conflicts that beat. She gets the balance right, this is highlighted on the song “Meds”, you literally can’t help nodding your head because the beat is so vibey but when you listen to the lyrics it’s suggest how she’s lusting after somebody, she’s showing her cards yet the other person isn’t reciprocating her energy. That’s where the honesty comes in and that’s a theme throughout this EP.


Photo credits: Lennon Gregory

Details has a dancehall feel to it, this song and Sweetest Escape showcase her songwriting ability, drawing you in with lyrics that are relatable. She’s telling the person she’s talking about to literally pay attention to her details and her actions.

Sweet escape is very inmate to; once again it’s honest. It’s sensual. It describes how her partner is an escape from the world and how she’s good for him but she conveys it such a unique way that this sound cannot be compared to the RnB that’s out there now.

That’s what her music is. It’s an escape (no pun intended), but in all seriousness when you’re listening to this EP it feels like you’re on a cloud, that’s the best way to describe it. You can lock yourself away from this world, sit on a cloud with Tali smoke up and she’s telling you her stories.


Photo credits: Lennon Gregory

There’s some throwback RnB sounds on here with the songs “Relapse” & “Real One”.

The features compliment the tracks too Levelle London vocals goes hand in hand with Tali’s, Frank Ekwe adds a trap/rap dynamic to “Relapse” giving it that balance of rap and RnB. Similar to her song “Alright” there’s a dancehall influenced switch up which meshes with the sounds that’s already going on.

Kojey Radical does what Kojey Radical does. He adds a spiritual element to the EP which captures the title “New Wave Order” which is a play on words for “New World Order”. You could even say some of the songs are a metaphor for Tali’s relationship with music but maybe I’m digging too deep. What I can say is this project confirms that she’s starting her own wave and that her wave will be very strong when it hits the bigger platforms.

Shout out to the production for weaving many different sounds of music and not getting messy but also creating a mood throughout this EP.

If you want to listen to something different, if you’re an RnB fan and a music lover in general, take my advice and spin this project you won’t be disappointed. I’m looking to the next installment of this series, as this is only Volume 1.

Favourite Song – Meds

Written by @deewain33

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