The Drop Of The Year Awards

Thursday we were treated to an award show put on by @asneakersociety going through the past year drops, awarding a range of trainers multiple titles voted by the sneaker community. As the host (@kingoftrainers) rolled through the categories, moans, groins and pockets of discussion began as enthusiasts shared there opinions on the most over-hyped drop and best collaboration with brand to name a few.


A panel combined of UKs influencers, movers and shakers in the sneaker scene, including @tashaa76 @yanildn @thewordonthefeet @kishkash1, gave there insightful views and knowledge surrounding each topic. Interactions were plenty as the crowd picked the panels brains and sneakerheads networked, sharing there passion for footwear.


A small group were also treated to a preview screening of a film presented by @soleseeker, that explores the UK sneaker scene from its humble begins to the million pound market it is today. Designers, resellers, entrepreneurs and OGs were drafted in to share there experiences and views of the sneaker scene…past, present & future. The film left us contemplating the future of the community that has been recently overrun by resellers and “hype”. Is financial gain and media image taking over genuine passion? Let us know what you think?

Shout out to sponsors @trappedmagazine, @crepjunkie & @forcefieldfresh for providing some goods to take with us!

Take a look at some of the heat on show at the event!

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