Sneaker Scouting

For the past several years, a lot of effort, time and money (unfortunately) has been spent expanding my collection of trainers. I wouldn’t call myself a collector of such but a keen enthusiast! After becoming aware and more concerned about my image, I noticed one thing when analysing peoples outfits…footwear completes the look. Can’t be looking fresh on top wearing less then worthy trainers to match, doesn’t make sense.

In saying that, I buy what I like! From runners to boots, I have assembled a collection to suit most of my moods and styles. I do, however, have an affection for Jordan 1’s. The shape, high quality leather and meaningful colourways alongside the illustrious past branding the name of one of the greatest sportsman in history  and opening doors for on and off the court style for over 30 years! Do I need to say more?

Anyway, since picking up a camera, I can’t help but snap cool kicks I see on my travels. Take a look at what I saw in this feature.


Name: Diadora

Surname: Bait x Dreamworks S8000

Ethnicity: Kung Fu Panda

Date of Birth: 26/05/16

Worn By: @papa_dales

Shot By: @FacesPlacesLaces


Name: Nike

Surname: Off-White Blazer

Ethnicity: Revealing

Date of Birth: 12/09/17

Worn By:

Shot By: @FacesPlacesLaces


Name: Nike

Surname: Off-White Air Max 90

Ethnicity: Revealing

Date of Birth: 12/09/17

Worn By: @Bankn0te

Shot By: @FacesPlacesLaces

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