The Underachievers @ XOYO

Beast coast was in the building! When XOYO hosted experimental rap group The Underachievers on the 20th February. Consisting of rappers Issa Gold and AK, The Underachievers manage to bring impressive displays of lyricism and combine it with ground-shaking instrumentals; bucking the trend of the current rap artist coming up in the scene. The New-York rap group first gained notoriety in 2013, when they dropped their debut project ‘Indigoism’ to critical acclaim. The album mixed authentic New York hip hop with a new, psychedelic spin which, as cliché as it sounds, was a breath of fresh air to the scene. They were also part a range of young, New York rappers rising the hip hop scene i.e. Pro Era, Flatbush Zombies and A$AP Mob; making this an exciting time for the birthplace of the genre.

Underachiever’s are now on their third studio album and have a gathered a large following on the underground hip hop scene which was evident in their headline show. The minute the pair came out the energy level was turned to 100, with the audience mosh pitting to the very first 808 kick. The energy was truly phenomenal and the energy of the crowd was matched by the artists. They had an amazing stage presence and managed to take each of their songs to the next level.

During their set, they performed a variety of songs form their new album and recent mixtape, however my personal highlight was seeing them journey back to their first mixtape and perform songs such as ‘Herb Shuttles’ and ‘The Mahdi’ which both received a joyous reaction from the crowd. Another personal highlight was the performance of ‘Crescendo’ of new album ‘Renaissance’ which is an indisputable banger; sounding even more hard hitting when performed live. Seeing the duo’s passion has led to me revisiting each of their projects and rediscovering their extensive catalogue of music.

The show was an experience and you could see how much the pair genuinely enjoy performing a front of a London audience. I can only hope their fanbase continues to grow and they release more authentically creative hip hop.

Written By: Daniel McNab @dnabs

Photos by: Arron Watson-McNab @FacesPlacesLaces



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