Artist Spotlight: Deanna Chase

The UK music scene is the strongest it’s ever been, everyone on a mainstream level is killing it but at the same time I feel it lacks diversity. There’s so much up and coming talent in the UK and on that ladder to the mainstream that’s when an artist is hungry and always putting their best foot forward.

When I look at up and coming artists that are adding to scene there’s certain people you know that are going to blow and become stars on a huge scale. Deanna Chase is one of those artists that just possesses star quality, from her music to her look and her delivery.


Photo Credit: @ry_collective

The RnB artist first popped up on my radar when she dropped visuals for her RnB/trap influenced song “Pull Up” that clocked up over 7K views on Link Up TV.

The choreography is clean, this girl can dance! The song is gritty and the message is clear but the finesse Deanna shows on this track is why I rate her. The mix of being confident, sexy and sassy all at the same time will work wonders for her in the future. This filters through to her live show where the star quality and delivery is evident. On stage, not many people do what Deanna does, especially in the UK.

Her music is available on all streaming platforms but that was only recent, she had me waiting for new music for time!

She’s delivered time and time again with songs like “Focus” and “Slow.” I caught up with Deanna to have a chat to see what are her plans going forward in 2018 and also to get some information on her past influences etc.


Photo Credit: @void.raw & @foratini_

Q: Where are you from?

A: I grew up primarily in a village called Wollaston which is located in Northamptonshire and spent another portion of my childhood with my Dad in a town called Wellingborough 20 minutes away. I lived in Northamptonshire for the majority of my childhood/teenage life however when I was 14 I moved to Spain and lived there for a year. Absolutely loved that year, I learnt a lot about myself in that time; mostly how much I wanted to be a musician.

Q: Describe your music in 3 words 

A: I struggled with this one *she laughs*
Rude, Sultry at times, and a little bit sassy

Q: How Long Have You Been Doing Music For?

A: Pretty much all my life. Growing up I was always surrounded by lots of music, different styles too. My Dad was a DJ and my mum a Professional dancer so there was always some sort of music on from R&B, Soul, Funk etc to Pop and Spanish etc. I started in Musical Theatre from the age of about 4/5 and continued studying that until I was about 16, from then on I focused more on my own individual sound.

Photo Credit: @ry_collective

Q: What Is Your Motivation?

A: Sounds mad mad cheesy but happiness is my main motivation. Whenever you’re happy nothing seems too big or too small to overcome. When you’re positive and live on the lighter side of life, (along with a great work ethic-obviously) things fall in to place. When you’re happy you cannot complain. Oh, and obviously just making great music *she laughs.*

Q: What Music Do You Listen To On The Regular ?

A: Everyythingggg. *she laughs* I listen to music dependent on my mood. If I had to pick one though I would definitely say R&B. There’s also so many songs nowadays that are influenced by R&B that as a genre it probably has the biggest presence in my music selection.

Q: Plans for 2018?

A: I have so much music ready for 2018 Im so excited. These songs have also leant for some great visual ideas too. I know that the music I release this year will reach a wider audience too. Definitely some more live shows too, I love performing.

Photo Credit: @void.raw & @foratini_

Q: How Do You Find It Being a Woman in this Male Dominated Industry?

A: I would be lying if I said it has not been challenging. From the minute I entered the music industry I have had my back up, primarily from stories you hear prior but even as a child I knew that the industry would be cut throat, especially as a female. I have been asked about my sexual orientation on multiple occasions just due to the way I carry myself, especially in studio sessions with male producers and sometimes artists. Probably due to the fact that the minute I’m in the studio I’m mandem, in my tracksuit or big t-shirt, I let people know what I’m there for from the minute I step in. The funny thing is, it’s just about respecting yourself and knowing your worth, and that’s it. I’m someone who is so sure that I was meant for music, no matter how many knock backs or opinions that don’t fit mine, I’ll eventually get there. With that mind set, not as much phases you and that can be intimidating for some.
That being said, it took me a while to acquire confidence like that. Women still have a way to go and it really does start with us. The industry has moulded us to see us as competition but we can’t be like that. We have to see the bigger picture which is GOOD MUSIC, not who’s more popular, prettier etc. We are making good progress though, and hopefully we can inspire a whole generation of upcoming females to want to be involved in music, not just on the performance side but on the production/business side too. Everything being said I have met some amazing individuals in music both male and female and I feel blessed.

She’s G’d up! So follow her on socials and follow her on Spotify!

Socials :

Instagram: @Deannachase_

Twitter: @Deannachase_

Spotify :


Written/Interview by @deewain33


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