The Part-Time Hustle: AJ Haastrup (Haast Kulture)

The Part-Time hustle is a platform set to explore people’s interests/hobbies outside of their 9-5. Just as we share ours, we want to share yours and create a community fuelled by your passions.

Name: AJ Haastrup

Full Time Job: Haast Kulture Production House

Part-Time Hustle: Content creator & Personal Trainer


We met up with content creator AJ Haastrup as he talks about how fitness influences all areas of his life and what the production house ‘Haast KULTURE’ intends to create.

Let’s start it off with the fitness. I can see you are heavily into calisthenics, how did you get into that and why that instead of the conventional gym?

Haha good question. Like everyone I started in the gym doing the standard weight training. But I remember one day seeing this un assuming guy walk up to the pull up machine and do a muscle up. My mouth opened, I was first year at Uni then and till that Point i had never seen anything like that. Afterwards I was like I want to do that!!!

Took me a few months of trying and failing but eventually I got it. The ugliest muscle up you’ll ever seen but it felt amazing being up there. It was liberating, and reconfigured everything I knew of exercise till then. You can express yourself in freestyle movements and build pure strength with strict form movements. Plus you can do it anywhere you want and need no equipment just imagination.

In addition it took the pressure of how you looked aesthetic wise because the main focus is how you move. Aesthetic build up is secondary. After that the flood gates opened and I started incorporating more and more Calisthenics in my routine until 2 years ago I started mainly doing Calisthenics almost exclusively.


After training with you and WhamBros, I can see that discipline in reps is key. Does this discipline become part of your lifestyle or just at the gym?

You should come down again we’ve got a couple more sets for you haha. But yes for me the discipline seeps into almost every area of life. You become more conscious of your actions and the benefits are great. More productive and chilled out. In addition the mental space you get into is essential, I work in private mental health hospital so it’s a perfect way to let our stress and focus when at work because attention is everything there.

Where has fitness taking you so far and do you have planning plans in the future to use what you have learnt?

The first milestone was becoming part of the wham team. The family atmosphere is great and support is amazing. We’ve just hosteling first competition rep out games which is coming again next year after successful launch. Super excited for that. Personally I’ve just qualified as a PT  *cough cough* plug the insta here lool so that’s been a big goal for me this year. The knowledge gained from the course has again changed my approach to exercise and added. Ore science to it. My overgoal within fitness is to fuse Calisthenics with different forms of exercises from dance elements to yoga to give a holistic exercise approach.

Haas Kulture? Expand on what this includes?

Yeah I’m a real visual person but growing up you get into routines into watching and seeing the same things over again. Art and museums for me really shake up your mind and force you to see things differently and again reconfigure your mind which is inspiring and again helps in almost every area of life. Plus I film things so that visual sensibility I’m building up to create compelling images.

I can see you regularly attend museums and galleries, what is it about art that you are attracted to?

Haast KULTURE, functionally is a prioduction house run by me and my friends focussing on short films and docs. But in essence it’s an algamation of all our interest from fitness to the arts, travel and personal lives. It’s an attempt to use all these areas to tell the stories that happen when all these worlds meet and everything in between that our imagination takes us. Just because you like fitness doesn’t mean art is out of your reach and that’s sort of the messages we are pushing. Nothing is mutually exclusive.


I was watching some of you travel vlogs and you seem to connect with a lot of people. What stood out to me was meeting up with these people and sharing a football game with them. I’m not even sure of the question here but how, what, who, why? It really caught our attention.

That was a funny vlog. I’m fortunate to have family dotted around Europe that do. cool things and have always taught me to connect with everyone. I got received spare tickets to some euro games by Amy brother in law. He said you can have ins ticket but you gotta sell the other 3 to get it for free. I went on social media found some guys and sold the tickets. Turned out they were absolutely crazy funny Welsh guys and we became friends. I got invited to the stag do. in Cardiff so I trip there is on the cards haha. The vlog was a story about that. But travel is essential, the people you meet and opportunities that come up is something I promote. I guess I’m lucky but being open to risks and friendly gets you there.

Music…There is a constant theme of upbeat yet soulful/funk melodies behind your workout videos. Which artist are you currently following and what inspires your song choices?

glad you notice. Music is everything half the times I only work out because of the songs Ive heard that day. It can be a slow or upbeat song as long as the vibe is right I can work out to it.

Artist I’m following : Gold link, Masego, Smino, fkj, A.chal, Sir, Octavian …. there’s so many more but these guys are life.

Quick Fire Round

  1. One move to master in calisthenics? Muscle up
  2. Country yet to visit? Nigeria
  3. Top on your bucket list? To perform an arts Calisthenics performance in a self built set in the middle of a jungle in Brazil or build studio in Nigeria … the latter more feasible …
  4. Favourite gallery? White cube gallery
  5. Other Part-Time interests? Film maker, Personal Trainer

Social Media Tags – Insta: @ajhaast & @haastkulture





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