DeeWain journeys down a darker path for new project, ‘Be Safe Tho’

DeeWain has been putting in the work over the last couple of years and after the release


of ‘Sense of Entitlement (S.O.E.),’ it was clear to see that the young rapper was creating a lane of his own, rather than becoming a follower of recent trends. S.O.E attacked serious issues over positive, uplifting instrumentals and saw Deewain painting a picture of a positive future despite the hardships being faced.


However, Be Safe tho sees a drastic change in sound and aesthetic with a much darker and intense feel that brings out a different side of the upcomer’s artistry. This project sees Deewain look deeper into himself, with God and religion being a running theme throughout the project. He also delves into the role of the ego, love and pride in the decision making of men, in particular, with tracks like ‘Ego is the Enemy’ and ‘Be a Man’ challenging the gender roles that many males feel they need to adhere to.

Deewain has taken influence from the current trap scene with tracks like ‘Energy’ which features a stellar verse from West-Coast rapper Gary Junior, and ‘Dreamer’s Disease’. However, the second half of the project sees Deewain slow it down and dig deeper into his emotions. Tracks like ‘Only You’, which details the difficulties of a relationship from the perspective of both the male and the female, show DeeWain’s vulnerability and battles within relationships.

DeeWain’s sense of deep spirituality is something that we have rarely seen within UK rap; setting him apart from many of his peers. He also shows his deep love for soul music through the incorporation of samples from the likes of Nina Simone and Jocelyn Brown, that put an interesting spin on his dark, bass heavy instrumentals.

Be Safe Tho sees a growth and change in direction for the rapper and may prove to be a defining project in his discography. If he continues producing material of this calibre then it is only a matter of time before he finds his spot in the hip hop game.


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