Gary Junior – Pedestrians

Gary Junior has been dropping banger after banger before he dropped his project “Pedestrians”. His EP before “Watch Our For Pedestrians” is a prelude to this project.

From his fire verse on “Energy” which is on my EP “Be Safe Tho”, to when he dropped his visual for “Tell Me Pt. 2” featuring SOB X RBE.

He has shown a level of consistency and “Pedestrians” didn’t disappoint. There’s a reason why west coast rap has always stayed relevant. Other places in America have changed their sound but the west coast have an identity. You can hear it through most of the rappers that come out of there and this project is no different. The influence is strong.

Throughout this project you’ll find hard beats with punchlines and bars. The west coast style is littered across the project, especially in songs such as “Elaboration”, “The Yay ft. G Maly” and “Tell Me Pt. 2”. Songs like “The Yay” are catchy with a bop. The flow fits with the instrumental and the song itself just has a vibe to it. The chorus is simple yet effective and I could imagine this song going off at a concert.


As I listened throughout this project I found different messages. There’s club bangers on here, songs for women and also introspective tracks. My favourite track on here is “Finding Direction”. G Junior goes into detail, he self reflects and talks about the loss of his dad. This is mood music. There’s many different sides of Gary Junior, the sound changes a lot from hard hitting beats, to minimalistic beats to hip hop beats with an RnB vibe such as “Sade ft Rai’d” Rai’d killed her verse. She just suited the mood of the song and her vocals were meant for this beat.

Pedestrians shows Gary Junior’s diversity and it also shows how his skill set has improved, there’s a variation of beats on here but he managed to flow on every one of them. We’re looking forward to what he’s got to offer in 2018.

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