Sawa Manga Play Erykah Badu @ The Jazz Cafe

This was my first encounter attending an in event in which an act were not perform their own tracks. On top of this, they were performing tracks from the untouchable Eykah Badu and you know what…GOOOOD!

Sawa Manga cruised through a collection of Erykahs classic. From “on&on” to “next lifetime”, putting their personal spin on each track. Accompanied by a live band, the sound resonated with all members of the crowd, as we swayed and sang to some of our beloved tracks.

The band also took time out to introduce us their own music, playing one of their most recent release. The song has definitely caught my attention and I will keeping an eye for more of the same.

Check out some of their work below and pictures taken on the night.

Photos by: Arron Watson-McNab (FacesPlacesLaces, @FacesPlacesLaces)


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