SadeVillian @ The Jazz Café

Sade and MF Doom are two artists that have managed to build an almost cult-like following in their respective genres and have had a clear influence on many acts in the current scene. Doom’s comic book aesthetics and masterful flow made him a favourite for many underground hip hop heads and Sade soft, blissful vocals created an array of timeless music; so it is no surprise that they blend together to make a perfect musical match. Producer Seanh2k11 decided to merge Doom’s greatest with Sade’s and the outcome beautifully reimagined the classic works of these two artists. Check out the first SadeVillian project through the link below:

sadevillian I

On the 12th May Jazz Café hosted an event dedicated to this viral project, which saw an in-house band, led by Vels Trio’s Jack Stephenson-Oliver, perform their own variation on the ‘SadeVillian I and II’ projects for a sold-out crowd. The fact the show sold-out is great evidence for the popularity of these two artists and the band did each song justice with beautifully arranged renditions. The tranquil sounds of the in-house band had the crowd simultaneously swaying side to side and simply put; it was a vibes. The saxophonist and seductive vocalist stood out as the key components of the arrangements, delivering the smooth, jazzy vibe that is apparent in both Sade and MF Doom’s music, and ultimately provided a beautifully therapeutic show.

If you missed the first show, a second date has been added, so get your tickets ASAP through the link below!!!


Sadevillian II

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