This Wednesday saw @UNDRLNDN bring together a range of earnest and talented filmmakers for the first of three screening events this month at the Chapel Cinema in East London. Caroline Wilson, who founded UNDRLNDN with director, editor and writer Shelana Azora (@shelazora), has a clear passion for nurturing homegrown talent, and being a platform for artists to express, discuss… Read More UNDRLNDN presents LNDN UNDRDOG 

Artist Spotlight: Abie Elle

Abie Elle (@abieelle) talks about her music and fashion inspiration, working in the studio with @Squizzleital and gives some words of wisdom to other upcoming artists. This week saw the launch of Abie Elle’s latest project: the ‘Released’ EP. The London based singer held a launch party at The Light House in Shoreditch on Sunday when the EP went live, hosting everyone… Read More Artist Spotlight: Abie Elle

Event Recap: Rep Out Games presented by Forever Wham

Last Saturday (8th July) presented the first glance at Forever Wham’s ‘Rep Out Games 2017’. A competition set up to test mind and body as competitors showed their skills against iron bars in the emerging calisthenics field. If new to the term…where have you been!? Calisthenics has been a recent wave in modern training, in… Read More Event Recap: Rep Out Games presented by Forever Wham

Sneaker Scouting

For the past several years, a lot of effort, time and money (unfortunately) has been spent expanding my collection of trainers. I wouldn’t call myself a collector of such but a keen enthusiast! After becoming aware and more concerned about my image, I noticed one thing when analysing peoples outfits…footwear completes the look. Can’t be… Read More Sneaker Scouting